Hi! I want to pursue MS in VLSI Design in USA. I have selected few universities for applying to fall 2013. The following are the list of universities:

1. State University of New York, Sunny Buffalo.
2. University of Texas, Dallas.
3. University of Illinois, chicago.
4. Michigan State University.
5. Colorado State university.
6. Oklahoma State University.
7. Oregan State University
8. University of Pittisburgh, Pennyslyvania.
9. University of Houston (Main Campus).

My Profile:
GRE- 307 (Quant-163, Verbal-144)
TOEFL- 74 (have to retake)
Academic CGPA- 7.66/10 (upto 6th semester)
No work experience.
No papers Published.
Moderate SOP.
Good LOR's
No Extra curricular activies.
No Community services.

I want to know in which of the above mentioned universities do i have maximum chances of getting accepted. I will be applying to only 5 universities and i don't want to unneccesarily try for ambitious one's.
Plz any one help me out with this, i would be very much grateful.