Hello..! I am doing Electrical Engineering in IIT Patna...CPI-6.4. My GRE score is 315 (170+145). Can produce some strong LORs.! I have done a 2-month Internship in a reputed automobile company. My B.Tech project is "Thin Film Fabrication and Electrical characterization of Phase Change Memory devices", which is slightly related to VLSI. Have many other projects(around 7-8) but none related to VLSI. I am considering the following universities..
2) Arizona State University
3) University of Florida
5) NUS, Singapore
6) NTU, Singapore
7) Ohio State University
8) UMN-Twin Cities
9) UMass
10) Johns Hopkins University
11) USC
12) Virginia Tech
13) Univ of washington
14) georgia institute of tech
15) columbia univ
16) Texas A&M college Station
17) Iowa State University
18) University of Illinois, chicago
19) Penn state university
20) Univ of Wisconsin
21) University of Colorado at Boulder
22) University of California- Santa Barbara
23) Northwestern University
--> Reached 2nd round in NI Vimantra, a technical paper competition.
Please evaluate my profile. Sorry for the very big list..
Thank you...