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Thread: Profile evaluation for |GRE 305 (V-148/Q-157)|embedded systeem|fall2013

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    Profile evaluation for |GRE 305 (V-148/Q-157)|embedded systeem|fall2013

    Hi everyone,

    1) GRE score is 305 (V - 148/ Q - 157)
    2) Toefl - yet to give (expect above 95)
    3) Diploma Aggregate - 80%
    4) BE Aggregate - 75%
    5) Have done 2 major and 2 minor projects
    6) I am working since august 2010

    I wanted to apply for embedded system course
    Following is the list of universities i have shortlisted

    1)university of pennsylvania
    2)University of texas at austin
    3)University of california, san diego
    4)Unc charlotte
    5)University of colorado at boulder
    6)oakland university
    7)Texas a&m*
    8)University of minnesota
    9) Carnegii Mellon
    10) NCSU
    11)Boston University

    Please share your views about the list and suggest the univrsities as per my profile.*
    Also if i have missed some universities please suggest.

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    Ur gre quants is low, if possible retake it.

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