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Thread: Fall 2012/EE(Embedded Systems)/GRE:334/TOEFL:115/UG:8.2

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    Fall 2012/EE(Embedded Systems)/GRE:334/TOEFL:115/UG:8.2

    I am planning on doing an MS in embedded systems and I was looking for help with universities that offer the same. If anyone could provide a list of universities preferably in order of ranking for embedded systems course it would be much appreciated. Following are the universities I am currently looking at.

    Carnegie Mellon
    University California,Irvine
    U of Penn
    Arizona State University
    Colarado boulder
    University North Texas
    Columbia University
    Georgia Tech
    University of Utah
    University of North Texas
    San Jose

    Any criticism regarding the above list and especially any additions will be very helpful.
    Im applying for Fall 2013 not 2012 as wrongly mentioned in the title
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    U got a very gud score..hope u get into a very good one..m taking my gre in did u prepare for dat?u got a very gud score.

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    good gre score. here is my take...
    Carnegie Mellon----->ambi(gettable)
    University California,Irvine--->mod
    U of Penn----->EMBS(mod)
    Arizona State University---->safe
    Colarado boulder---->gettable
    University North Texas---->very safe(drop, replace with better ones)
    Columbia University---->ambi
    Georgia Tech---->mod/ambi
    University of Utah-------->safe
    University of North Texas---->repeated
    San Jose------>safe(not good in embedded)

    i suggest u to come up with better set of universities, all universities are gettable, try some ambitious universities ...u never know.......
    check these,
    - university of cal,santa barbara
    -iowa state university
    - uwisc madison

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    Thanks a lot for the good feedback. I am finding it difficult to get a rank wise list of Universities for embedded systems and so my list is only based on those universities that I know offer the embedded course. I feel there are good universities that I may not have come across. Do you have any suggestions for the same. Could you please inform me of the top ten universities for embedded systems in the US.

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