industrial trng-1.bhel - 2weeks, 2.hal-6weeks, 3.uppcl-6weeks , 4.6 weeks trng on electric locomotives,
internship-1. 6weeks in iit kanpur on testing of antennas for jugnu nanosatellite(renowned project of iit kanpur).
work experience- will join a solar power company in june and will have more than 6-7 months exp.
projects-1.mini project on rf speed control of induction motor, 2.major project on microprocessor based speed control of induction motor,3.made an elctromagnetic field detector(won 1st prize for it in my college fest)
cocurricular-attended many technical fest, participated in robotics event,paper presentations, particiation in various workshops
please suggest me some universities on my current profile.
i want to do ms in either power electronics
here are universities which i have shortlisted
1.university of south california-viterbi
2.university of misconsin-madison
3.arizona state university
4.car.-mell. univ.
5.purdue univ.
6.georgia tech
7.texas a&m university
8.texas university-dallas
10.ohio state columbus
11. uc san diego
12. renssealer poly. ins.
13. virg. univ.