10th - 89 %
12 th - 83 %
BTech - 8.24
GRE old format - 1310
TOEFL- yet to writte
Publications : Published a paper based on Final year project in field of electromagnetics in an International Conference, INCEMIC. One of the top conferences in the field of electromagnetics in India
Work exp. : 1.6 years in Infosys as a Systems Engineer (but think this won't count)

Planned to apply as of now :
1. Univ of Texas at Austin (high)
2. Univ of Maryland, College Park (high)
3. Rutger's State university, New Jersey (high)
4. Texas A&M, College Station (medium)
5. Univ of Arizona, Tucson (medium)

Please provide/confirm details about fees and funding :
1. Univ of Wisconsin, Madison
2. Georgia Tech univ
3. Univ of Pittsburg
4. Pensylvania state univ, University Park
5. Texas A and M, College Station
6. Rutger's State University
7. Kentucky state univ

to decide if they are too costly or can apply to them....