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Thread: Please evaluate my profile for fall 2013-MS Industrial Engineering

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    Please evaluate my profile for fall 2013-MS Industrial Engineering


    B.E. Electrical Engineering- 68.43% (Delhi College of Engineering)

    Working in an MNC from July 2011 as a design and system engineer

    Universities shortlisted

    Sunny Buffalo
    North Carolina State University
    Rutgers-State University of New Jersey-Brunswick
    Arizona State University

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    You have a strong profile. Any reason why you don't want to pursue EE? The job market for EE grads is extremely hot even in a bad economy. If you want to go for IE, I strongly suggest that you stock to the top 25 programs, and clearly plan your MS and post-MS timeline to ensure a good career. Good luck!!

    Don't go for SUNY-Buffalo. Pick the top 25 schools taking into account the local job markets (unless its a top program like Cornell, etc). You can look at Wisc-Madison, Ohio State, Florida, and USC. NC State, Rutgers, and ASU from your list are good picks.

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