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Thread: Profile evaluation (Fall 2013) Please help...

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    Profile evaluation (Fall 2013) Please help...

    Hello, I'm final year student from IIT Hyderabad Electrical Engineering.
    Interested in MS/PhD in Embedded Systems/Signal Processing

    GPA - 8.65/10. Topper's GPA - 9.12/10. (My last 3 sem CGPA = 8.4)
    GRE - expecting score 315-320

    Work experience - 2 months internship at Qualcomm
    Research Project - 1) B Tech Thesis
    2) Mini Project
    3) Research project - Nagoya University Japan
    4) Research project - A star, Singapore under NTU prof

    Publications: Will be submitting one paper to international journal and one to international conference. Chances of acceptance are very less. Hoping for the best.

    Awards: 1) "JENESYS Scholarship - Industrial visit to Japan": Was among the top 3 in first year in Electrical department chosen for this programme
    2) Among top 1% in India in Indian National Physics Olympiad (InPhO)-2009
    3) Among top 1% in state Maharashtra in Indian National Astronomy Olympiad (InAO) -2009
    4) Secured All India Rank 31 in Science Olympiad -2008 conducted by SOF

    Please evaluate my profile for following universities:

    I] US -
    1) Harvard University
    2) University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    3) Carnegie Mellon University
    4) Princeton University
    5) Cornell University
    6) Yale University
    7) University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
    8) Columbia University
    9) University of Texas at Austin
    10) University of Chicago
    11) University of Michigan
    12) University of Pennsylvania
    13) Purdue University
    14) University of California San Deigo
    15) MIT

    II] UK
    1) University of Cambridge
    2) University of Oxford
    3) Imperial College London

    III] Singapore
    1) NUS
    2) NTU

    If you can, please recommend me other universities also...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello friends, Please evaluate my profile....

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    Someone please evaluate my profile.....

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    Hello, friends please evaluate my profile! Need your help...

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    hey u msg akshay, maximus or ajay(site owner)
    they can guide u better..

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