Hi all,

i am from Nepal. applying MS through PhD fall, 2013.
field of interest: Condensed Matter Physics, Biophysics
GRE: 327 (V-161; Q- 166)
Physics GRE: yet to taken- i think i ll take it on october 13

Master degree (2 years): 68.20%
Bachelors degree (3 years): 56.14% (i think it is below 3.0 GPA)
Teaching experience: 2years in 9/10th grade; 1 year in 11/12th.

last year, I got rejection from UIC & USC. I am going to apply these universities:

Univ of Illinois at chicago
Univ of south carolina
Univ of utah
Univ of connecticut
univ of colorado boulder
iowa state univ
CUNY - Albany
Univ of central florida
Purdue univ
Indiana Univ

Please, advise the probability !!
Suggest some other universities giving low priority to academics history. If you earned even a higher degree, why they still need the bachelors GPA?

Most Sincerely,