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Hello All ,

So today was my 4th attempt , my previous interview was on the 26th of June .

Changes i made - took the new gre (20/7/20124)- 298 - 151q 147 v .

08:45 slot .

was all relaxed , not one bit tensed cos its my 4th visit so nothing new to me , here s how it went ,

vo - good-morn how r you
me - good-morn I'm doing great , hows your day been so far .
vo - not too bad , with a smile
vo - I see that you have attended the consulate on the 26th , what changes have you made since
me - I took the gre test , i will be attending the same univ - no other changes
vo - that's good , what's your score
me - 298
vo - when did you pass out
me -2008
vo - what have you been doing since then
me - working in an mnc
vo - what's your percentage/backlogs
me -56 with 16 backlogs
vo - I'm sorry I cannot grant you visa - with full smiles
me - noooooo (in a dramatic way , vo was smiling all along at my expression )
me - I wish you'll could see beyond my backlogs , its not fair if I get the same decision every time , I did improve my gre even though I had to take it within a short time .
vo - I agree , you have been doing well , you got yourself a job , you made an effort with gre , you are on the right track however I'm sorry you can come back again with a score better than 300 I'm sure you can do that .
vo - was reaching out for the 214 b form and giving it to me
me - you know that this is the 4th 214 b form I'm receiving , n its boring to read the same points again - with a laugh . so basically I have a collection of rejected forms from you guys
vo - laughing loudly , then you must have a library of these (everyone staring at our conversation )
me - it was nice talking to you
vo - best of luck do your gre well , you are on the right track (same dialogue again)
me - thanks enjoy the rest of ur day