Hi all...
Recieved GRE scores some time back...Came across the course of MEM a couple of days back and liked it..Please evaluate my profile and suggest if its worth applying at the selected universities and let me know if there are any other options..

1.Acads :
M.Sc.(Tech.)Engineering technology &
B.E.(Hons.)Manufacturing Engineering
CGPA: 7.54
12th : 88.2%
10th : 93%

2. GRE: 336 (Q: 169 V:167) AWA: 4.5

3. TOEFL: 116(R:29 L:30 S:27 W:30)

4. Department : Mechanical(General)

5. Area of Interests : Lean Manufacturing

6. Research Papers:
Submitted a paper on Development of & Dielectric Charging in Reliable Capacitive Radio Frequency-Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (RF-MEMS) Switches

7. Internships & Trainings:
Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd. Main Plant, Jamnagar (1 month)
Worked on a project “Operations of Turbo machinery and Condition monitoring System”

Central Work Shop, South Eastern Coalfields Limited Ltd., Korba (1 month)
Worked on a project “Central Work Shop Machinery Operations”

7. Work Experience:

8. Other Information:
Involved in Cultural and Technical festivals, both as participant and as cordinator at my college

9. University List:
1. Stanford University
2. UT Austin
3. U Wisconsin-Madison
4. Cornell University
5. Johns Hopkins University
6. Carnegie Mellon
7. Duke University
8. Purdue University–West Lafayette (IN)
9. Dartmouth College

Also how is the future scope of the course? Do people get jobs? How are the funding opportunities?