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Thread: Universities are good enough but what about jobs

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    Universities are good enough but what about jobs

    There are various reputated universities in US for masters and phd in Chemical Engineering, but Indians which are going there are not getting job in this core field. This is not an indivisual experience, its a reality..So what about Chemical Engineering jobs or there is only one option which everyone is following.
    U have a bachelors in Chemical so what, go for MIS and get a job there easily.
    I am also a Chemical Engineer so I have to decide by all aspects, just only putting ourselves in research doesnt guarentee us to repay the loan.

    Waiting for reply

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    I have a few comments:

    1. Doing research is an individualistic choice. If getting a job is objective, go for an MBA.

    2. It is wrong to say that "Indians are not getting job in core field". Those who deserve a job win it. For getting a job, employer or the company expects that the prospective employee must have a good publication record in the field. If they see it in you, they do not hesitate to give you a job. Even they (companies) want good employee! Perhaps you should present more statistics to prove anything, generalizations are misleading.

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