Dear All

I have applied for Fall 2012 term , I'm Oracle Apps DBA having 4 yrs of experience in Oracle Technology.


GRE = 860

B.Tech 2008 PO - EEE - 56.7%

I've applied 4 Universities,

Texas A&M University Commerce
Gannon University
Cleveland State University
Michigan Technological University

I've already gave Visa Interview, it got rejected

VO: Why did you choose Chennai Consulate ?
I planned to book my VISA date on 1st August 2012 , I did not get date at Hyderabad Consulate

VO: When did you last graduate?


VO: Which program did you apply for your majors?

Computer Science.

VO: How did you know this university ?
Came to know through google , I and my father short listed these universities in

VO: How many universities did you apply ?

4 , Named all and said admits as well.

VO: Gimme you GRE and TOEFL ?

Gave all documents including my ACADS

VO: Where are you working now ?

VO: When you work location is from Mumbai ? why did you choose Chennai again ?
I was totally confused. My second priority is Chennai I chose Chennai how do I convince .

I'm based from Hyderabad , My work location is from Mumbai . Is it compulsory that I have to book visa dates only at hyd/mum kindly suggest what could be the reason for my rejection apart. I know my acads are very low but I made every effort to be a eligible candidate for this program.

Kindly suggest me how to prepare for second Interview .

My VISA date is on Aug 7th , 2012 Hyderabad Consulate.