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Thread: Profile Evaluation for MS, fall 2013

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    Post Profile Evaluation for MS, fall 2013

    I am interested in Microelectronics, Solid state devices
    GRE 330 (verbal-164, quant-166, AWA-4.5)
    TOEFL (yet to give)
    B.Tech (IIT-BHU) - 7.92

    A couple of good research projects and interns, but no papers.

    Shortlisted Unis--
    1. University of Illinois (UC)
    2. Princeton
    3. University of Texas (Austin)
    4. Georgia Tech
    5. University of California (San Diego)
    6. University of California (Santa Barbara)
    7. TAMU

    Plz. help. What are my chances, and any other unis that you would suggest?

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Jul 2012
    Hey Prateek!! I am also from IIT-BHU... 4th year trical
    I also took my GRE this july ... my score was 331
    You must be in tronix right??

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