Hi, I got admission from the University of New Haven and my visa was rejected twice, first time on 23rd July, second one on 1st of August.
My profile : 15 years of education (B.Sc), GRE - 285 (UNH didnt ask for GRE),
TOEFL - 86.
5 years of IT exp - 2.4 in TCS and 2.5 in IBM
Have B1 till 2020 and I have travelled once to US thro IBM for KT

My interview went like this
All appealing and soft introduction was over then,
VO: Year of graduation
Me :2007
VO: Any backlogs
Me: No backlogs Mam
VO: what are youd oing now?
Me: Working for IBM
VO: Annual income
Me:6.5 lakhs per annum
VO: I'm sorry I cannot issue you a visa now if you wish to apply in the future you can do so and thats upto you
ME: (walked away saying thank you with a smile)

Now, I really do not understand what went wrong. Applying for the 3rd time is a good idea?? Also I will have to report at the University by 29th of Aug. I'm not a potential immigrant infact my parents and in laws haven't given me more time to apply for the next intake whatever the case is after I complete my masters I should come back.. But I don have a chance to prove these things to the VO. Please help me and guide me what should I do...