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Thread: Article: New Delhi Consulate rejected visa with 214(b) Ineligibility

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    Article: New Delhi Consulate rejected visa with 214(b) Ineligibility

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    Hey buddy i would say stop hitting paragraphs of explanations..in VI..no need 2 say 3 points firstly secondly...just b short and sweet..if you have special reasons like you why you want to discontinue ur MSCR course..tel her you have a point to speak abt your previous course..
    try to be sweet gud ...by the way of your comments i felt you were being rude..im being frank..no hard feelings buddy..!

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    What I feel is that you showed some desperateness in going to US. First, the delay for initial application (either you did not get the admit card from any of the universities or you were over confident). Second do not ever say you will discontinue a course to reach US, say you will convert the course to 'distance learning' program or will take time from the probable US university to complete the course on hand - if possible. Third, your scores of GRE and TOEFL are good but not matching to your English - from above 'leaved', 'didn't asked' etc. Last but not the least, I think you are highly tensed. One thing you must note that the officers at the Visa counters are highly trained to deal with visa interviews, she tried to ease your tension by cracking jokes to her colleague, which you did not pick it up, and she cannot afford to be jovial with you as per policy. Things for future visa interviews (though many are basic fundas you know already)
    - Look straight in their eyes and talk.
    - Have some light food, lot of water and have a mouth refreshner before the interview
    - Control your sweat
    - Wear some plain shirts and normal trousers, no extra perfumes
    - Go with lot of positive thoughts and answer to the point
    - Always think that they know what answers every student would give for their questions
    - Ensuing interview - prepare answer for a possible question - Do you know why your visa was rejected last time?

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    All the very best. Always be positive

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    Make your answers short and to the point, you dont need to give the whole explaination. And you should not hv mentioned about the education loan even if you have adequate total assets.I personally dont think that your contrast in GRE and toefl score will cause a rejection because GRE and Toefl are a lot different. In GRE you need to know the meaning of a lot of words that we never use in our day to day life. whereas in toefl we need to make the best of the vocabulary that we know especially in speaking and writing section. Hope this helps..

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    What does a visa denial under INA section 214(b) mean?

    This law applies only to nonimmigrant visa categories. If you are refused a visa under section 214(b), it means that you:

    Did not sufficiently demonstrate to the consular officer that you qualify for the nonimmigrant visa category you applied for; and/or
    Did not overcome the presumption of immigrant intent, required by law, by sufficiently demonstrating that you have strong ties to your home country that will compel you to leave the United States at the end of your temporary stay. (H-1B and L visa applicants, along with their spouse and any minor children, are excluded from this requirement.)
    What are considered strong ties to my home country?

    Ties are the various aspects of your life that bind you to your home country. Strong ties vary from country to country, city to city, and person to person, but examples include:

    Your job;
    Your home; and/or
    Your relationships with family and friends.
    While conducting visa interviews, consular officers look at each application individually and consider the applicant's circumstances, travel plans, financial resources, and ties outside of the United States that will ensure the applicant’s departure after a temporary visit.

    Is a refusal under section 214(b) permanent?

    No. A refusal, or ineligibility, under section 214(b) is for that specific application, so once a case is closed, the consular section cannot take any further action. There is no appeal process. If you feel there is additional information that should be considered related to the visa decision, or there are significant changes in your circumstances since your last application, you may reapply for a visa. To reapply, you must complete a new application form, pay the application fee, and schedule an appointment for a new interview. Review the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate where you plan to reapply to learn about any reapplication procedures.

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    Well I know I am quite late to comment here but I suspect the part where you said, you have selected your universitites according to your profile. That is what exactly the PRIVATE guys,or so called COUNCELORS do. You have ever thought about giving it a chance to apply to a university that is above your PROFILE ? How possibly could you rule them out just because they are high ranked one's ? If that is what the case is, then it clearly shows that you are not concerned about your studies. All you are concerned is to get your higher degree from US which ultimately leads VO to one simple conclusion that you are not going for studies, which however should and must be, your only intention. Think hard and deep about this. This suggestion of mine, just might help you improve your chances next time around.

    And yes, try and sound short and sweet next time and be specific at the same time.

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    visa status:rejected
    date :nov 19
    done with all security formalties,really such a high tension,iam oozingoff my confidence but slowly got normal.while giving me the token num,officier gave a different look by seeing the stampof ofc in hyd.here goes my vi
    vo:gudmrng how do u do?
    me:hii sir hw r u
    vo:iam fine(with smile)so u r gng to which school?
    me:univ of houstn clearlake sir
    vo:wat repeat again(i spelled it correctly)
    vo:ug %
    me:sir i got 68% with 2 baklogs but the pretty intrestng thing is that i hav 90% scale in all labs n project sir(gave a perfect positive sighn)
    voass me ur score cards
    me:ha sure sir(gre 2 attempts Q153 V137,Q150V142)
    ielts 6 (L5.5 W5.5 R 6 S 7)here my fate faded!!! he gave a weired look and went to the next counter VO who is in his early 40's n waited for him.as tat officer was busy with VI he did't responded so he came back and asked y this univ
    me:sir it offers such a fabulous curriculam tat we get a strng foundation n its such student frndly tat we have an option either to go with projects or research n i also got DFS scholarship
    vo:sorry sir i strngly appolagise tat i can't give u visa
    me:sir can i know the reason
    vosomethng like immigratin n all such i did't understood even a sngle word after that)n gave him an xpotallylanation that i wil cmebak to india after my study blah blah b lah
    thts it ****edoff t

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