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Thread: Fall 2013|MS|Elec&Comm[VLSI/Embedded systems/Comp arch]|GRE 323|TOEFL 114| CGPA 9.75

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    Fall 2013|MS|Elec&Comm[VLSI/Embedded systems/Comp arch]|GRE 323|TOEFL 114| CGPA 9.75

    10th Matric: 94.45% ; 12th stateboard:96.58%
    UG CGPA: 9.75/10. Topper's grade in the college:9.88
    UG College: PSG college of technology,Coimbatore
    GRE: Took revised GRE; score 323(Q-166;V-157;AWA-4); score converted to old pattern 1360(Q-800;V-560;AWA-4)
    Percentile score: Q-94%; V-73%; AWA-49%
    Dept./specialisation: Elec & comm - embedded sys/VLSI/Comp arch
    Work experience: 2+ years at intel as Validation engineer
    Papers: Published a paper in IEEE on Neural networks.

    List of universities:
    1)University of Texas, Austin.
    2)Stanford university.
    3)Texas A&M college station.
    4)University of Wisconsin,Madison.
    5)Carnegie Mellon, Pitsburgh.
    6)University of Illinois, UC.
    7)Purdue University, Indiana.
    8)Arizona State University.
    9)Georgia Tech.
    12)University of Maryland,college park

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    Can someone please evaluate my profile and let me know if the universities listed are ok? Do let me know if i need to add any more details.

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    Try to get very good LORs and make sure ur sop stands out. tht will boost ur chances strongly in all the above unis. As for ur chances -

    1)University of Texas, Austin - moderate (but not out of reach)

    2)Stanford university - tough (mainly cuz of ur gre and just one IEEE paper)

    3)Texas A&M college station. - moderate (more favourable that UT Austin)

    4)University of Wisconsin,Madison - gettable

    5)Carnegie Mellon, Pitsburgh - well within reach
    6)University of Illinois, UC - safe to moderate

    7)Purdue University, Indiana - afe

    8)Arizona State University - extrememly safe. much much below ur profile

    9)Georgia Tech - safe

    10)UC,Berkley - moderate to ambitious (they tend to be selective)

    11)UC,LA - same as austin

    12)University of Maryland,college park - slightly tougher than UIUC...

    U could consider U michigan, columbia, UC Santa barbara, cornell......frankly i know a guy who made it through to MIT with ur kinda profile 2 yrs back. his CGPA was 9.72, gre was 1490 though and he had 2 IEEE papers. but he had LORs from his Boss at NVIDIA and from his project guide (who was from IIT)
    check out for info on univ shortlisting process

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