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Thread: Profile Evaluation for Spring 2013

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    Profile Evaluation for Spring 2013

    Hi Guys,

    I recently decided in april to give the GRE. I took the GRE on July 11, 2012 and my scores are as below :-

    Verbal : 155
    Quantitative : 162
    AWM : 4.5

    10th : 78.80% (Pune)
    12th : 79.33% (PCM - 88%) (Pune)
    Engineering Aggregate(4 years) : 58% (Last Year - 64%) (Pune University)

    I have over 2 years of experience in IT and I am currently working in a MNC. My experience consists of software development(Java) in finance/banking domain in my current organisation.

    I have yet to take TOEFL. Since most univs have their deadlines in August-Sept 2012 for Spring 2013, do I stand a chance to get into a decent/above average university considering the fact that I have good experience in a big MNC and good GRE Score ? Or should I target Fall 2013 ? Kindly evaluate my profile and suggest me some universities which are suited for me. I aim to pursue MS in Comp Science. Following are the universities I am planning to apply for :-

    1) Rutgers University
    2) Clemsons University
    3) Texas Dallas
    4) Indiana U Bloomington
    5) University of North Carolina, Charlotte
    6) Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
    7) University of Southern California
    8) North Eastern Massachusetts University
    9) Santa Clara University, California
    10) San Jose State University, California
    11) University of Houston
    12) Texas Arlington

    Please guide me guys and thanks in advance

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    Hey vibhzan,

    As far as my knowledge is considered IIT Chicago is a primarily acads based u can eliminate it...Sorry if u feel offensive mate

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    Hey siddhardha,

    Thanks for your reply. Apart from IIT Chicago, what about the other Univs that I mentioned ? Is my profile too weak for any of them ? Kindly consider the fact that for pune univ students, the engineering aggregate above 60 is considered as good (since the average guys over there dont score around 70% like in other univ's).

    Kindly let me know if there are any universities suited for me apart from the ones mentioned in the list and whether those in the list are achievable for me ? Thanks in advance.

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    1) Rutgers University--dream(gre >325, >80% acads)
    2) Clemsons University--dream(gre >320, >80% acads)
    3) Texas Dallas--gettable(ur gre is impressive,u ll fall short in acads)
    4) Indiana U Bloomington--moderate( u can give a try)
    5) University of North Carolina, Charlotte- may be a safe option
    6) Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago--may be a safe option
    7) University of Southern California--ambi(acads >75)
    8) North Eastern Massachusetts University--safe
    9) Santa Clara University, California--dnt knw
    10) San Jose State University, California--safe
    11) University of Houston--ambi
    12) Texas Arlington--sure shot

    This is my insight, pls do research and apply wisely ..Best Of Luck

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