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Thread: Please suggest me some universities

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    Please suggest me some universities

    Hi eveyone..
    My gre score-316
    Q-166, V-150
    CGPA-8.68, 10th class-88%, Intermediate-95%

    interested in Electrical Engineering, VLSI
    I have question, while screening the applicants will the colleges see both quant and verbal or overall scores..

    please suggest me some universities..and also deadline to give TOEFEL so as to admit in Spring
    I haven't published any research papers yet... and also let me know how will the universities verify whether my paper was published or not..

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    You need to search for the universities yourself. You give us the list and Akshay will evaluate it for you.

    For Spring admits, you need to start applying now. Mostly the deadlines will fall in September, so you just have a month for the applications.

    Different colleges have different deadlines, you need to visit the websites of the univs you wanna apply.

    Whatever it is, start searching.

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    very much thankful to you nishant90 for ur suggestion. I sorted some universities, please comment on this list for my profile.

    University of California, San diego

    Texas A&m, College Station


    Auburn University(Ginn)

    and also please tell me whether universities consider both verbal and quant scores individually or gre score in total..

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    1) yes both ur scores will be considered. but quant will be given more importance along with ur analytical writing as it indicates ur ability to process information and represent it

    2) give ur toefl asap. it takes about 10 to 14 days for results. someitmes longer or shorter

    3) they will DEFINITELY check ur paper and not scrutinize papers will help determine ur admits and ur financial aid..

    As for ur chances -

    UCSD - moderate chances
    TAMU - extremely tough
    ASU and auburn - gettable
    check out for info on univ shortlisting process

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