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Thread: Why I Got Rejected 214b please help

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    Angry Why I Got Rejected 214b please help


    I too was rejected twice under 214b at Mumbai Consulate.
    GRE: 302/340 TOEFL 91/120 Acads 69% (CSE)
    Going for Illinois State University

    1st Interview: -

    ME: Good Morning Sir.
    VO: GM (asked me to pass docs n i passed)

    VO: Which University
    ME: Illinois State University

    VO: Course?
    ME: Information System

    VO: Which Universities u applied?
    ME: Illinois state university, U of Texas at Dallas, U of Texas at Arlington. U of georgia, UNCC, Rochester Inst. Tech., Stevens Inst. of TEch., NEU.

    VO: Which Universities you got admit?
    ME: ISU, Stevens, UG. UNCC.

    VO: Why ISU?
    ME: Sir the course i.e. IS. It offers me a balanced mixture of software engineering and IT which is a very rare combination to find.

    VO: Why not Stevens?
    ME: Sir it only offer sore course like CS. And my area of interest is IS which is offered by ISU.

    VO: Did you applied to any Indian U?
    ME: No.

    VO: I wonder why dint u applied to any Indian U. They too offer this course.
    ME: Sir, i researched and found that the indian universities lack proper practical approach and research abilities. In US they emphasize on research.

    VO: Sorry n blah blah blah
    ME: Thank You sir (:@)

    2nd Interview...

    Same set of questions with a little improved answers like

    Why ISU: Sir, basically i am a computer science engineer and have proficiency in programming language. Now i want to learn the implementation of my programing skills for real world and business settings. ISU provides me a perfect choice for this (and some what repeated previous ans).

    He also asked me for GRE scores and i gave him.

    a new que he asked

    VO: What will you do after your MS?
    ME: Thanks to globlaization that we have very good IT companies in Indian. I'll join some good MNC and see my self at a good position llike senior team lead.

    VO: UR ans nt improved. U may apply nxt tym n blah blah blah.
    ME: Shocked (I was very confident through out my interview with a smiling face plus Eye contact. I answered better this time. Still he rejected me? OMG) But sir with due respect may i know the reason.

    VO:This slip ll explain n blah blah blah.
    Me Thank You.

    What went wrong?????

    I m in no way a potential immigrant. I m die hard Indian n ll gonna come back. How to tell him that? :O Which of my ans says that i m potential immigrant? Please Help.

    My next date will be 17th august and my school will be starting frm 21st august. I ll be missing a test on 9th aug and orientation on 15th aug. Damn it.

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    Reasons for rejection:

    1) Low GRE score
    2) Low ranked universities and looks like some consultant has suggested you these universities;the above universities are their hot favorites.
    3) And its not true that all Indian universities are bad, some are way better than the universities you have selected (Its a different thing that they are more difficult to get into).
    4) You are not clear about your goals. You never get a position like senior team lead without experience, masters or not. More likely it looks like you didn't manage to get a good job here and are trying to get into US as a last resort (it looks like, might not be true)

    I suggest you retake GRE and TOEFL, get a score above 310 and 95 respectively and get a couple of years of work experience (absolutely necessary) or else forget going to US.

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    Hi Nishanth..

    I also got rejected due to 214(b) .. Could you please let me know if you applied for visa and what was your questions..?


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