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Thread: When should i apply for fall 2013?

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    When should i apply for fall 2013?

    Hey hi,
    I'll be applying for Spring 2013. I have a lot of questions. Can you please help me out.
    First and foremost:
    When should I start applying this year for Spring 2013??

    I was planning to start applying to universities by June of this year. Will that be too late?
    Can you please give me clearer picture?
    Also, I had HCI(Human Computer Interation) in mind.
    Can you suggest some good universities? This will help me in looking up at their schedules.

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    Jun 2012 is good time to apply for spring 2013. It is not late. If you cross June, just few of the univs deadlines will be crossed. Still i will have chance to apply to lot of other US Universities.

    Make sure u complete the GRE,TOEFL by that time.

    some univs for HCI(Human Computer Interation)
    Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
    Cornell University
    Indiana University Bloomington.

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    Thanks a lot!

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    even i would be applying for Spring 2013

    I would apply for Top 30 universities
    So if I send my application by end of June
    Would I be late? (If so by how many weeks?)
    Also I heard early application gives better chance for scholarship....
    So, any when should I apply for Top 30 univ to have better chance of getting a scholarship ?

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