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Thread: evaluation for spring 2013

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    evaluation for spring 2013

    my profile is gre-verbal-149,quant-166 and awa-2.5 ,gre equivalent-1240,academics-79.96 %in electrical stream
    i am applying for spring 2013 in EE
    west virginia
    north eastern
    u of arkansas
    i am fyn with these 4 univ but i want to apply for 2 more universities so pls can u suggest me 2 universities out of which one is moderate and the other one is safe....can u suggest me some universities....waiting for ur reply

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    ur acads and quant score are god. u can surely try for some higher unis....all the above are within reach. U could consider, UT Dallas, U cincinatti, Iowa state, U colorado, U delaware, U Pitts...BUT ur AWA may cause slight probs for u...though it shouldnt generally
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    Hi Everyone,

    Below is my situation:

    visa rejected thrice for FALL 2012 for University of North Carolina charlotte. Is it advisable to visa interview for nxt term with a change in univ.

    i've applied to university of massachusetts lowell, university of north carolina charlotte, southern illinois uiversity, NJIT, cleveland state university.

    I'm looking to apply for SPRING 2013 again to 2-3 universities which are above my profile.

    MY profile:

    GRE- 165-quant, 142-verbal , AWA- 3.0
    TOEFL - 97 which 21+ in each
    Graduation- 75% (B.E. in EEE)
    12th - 94%
    10th - 83%
    Graduation year 2010
    Working in MNC since 2yrs

    Looking forward to doing Masters in ELectrical engg(power systems as core course) ormasters in power systems engg with a mix of renewable energy would be good.

    University of north carolina charlotte is very good but is very expensive at aroun 20500$ per year

    Plz help in suggesting universities with moderate fees and good course

    I'm looking at texas arlington ..... what are my chances???

    Plz suggest some other universities....

    Thanks in advance for ur time....

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    First of all, if u are thankful for everyone's time, then why would u post the same thing in so many threads?

    Pls always start a new thread and keep it there....or it just wastes time for others to see repeated posts.
    check out for info on univ shortlisting process

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