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Thread: Please evaluvate my profile for spring 2013(in a big dilemma)

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    Please evaluvate my profile for spring 2013(in a big dilemma)

    Hello everyone,

    I am 2011 passout E&C student .

    Been working at xxxxxx software company from past 5 months.After training i have been assigned to a support project and have lost complete interest to work at the company due to the nature of the project.

    So i want to pursue MS(Spring 2013) as i do not see myself going anywhere in this field. I wish to pursue my masters in electrical s.

    My aggregate in B tech is - 57%.

    My GRE scores are -1200

    Yet to give TOEFL will be giving in two weeks time and confident of getting 90-100.

    In my final year i have done a project on 'Power Line Communication' which involved transmission off voice signals over electrical cables.

    What are my chances at these universities for spring 2013--

    University of Louisiana ,Layfatte
    Rutgers,New jersey
    Florida state universitu(FSU).

    Please offer your valuable suggestions(as time that i have remaining is very less)

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    first up, ur work experience may not help much as it is in the software field while u will be trying for the EE dept.

    Wat was the topper's maek in ur univ? 57 is slightly on the lower side. But if ur topper was around 67 or 68, then it can help u...

    as for ur chances -

    UT,DALLAS - would be tough. ppl with better marks apply here mainly for the cost factor.

    UT,ARLINGTON - moderate chances. u can surely try

    University of Louisiana ,Layfatte - am not entirely sure. but i would put it as gettable

    Rutgers,New jersey - way out of reach. u can try rutgers, new brunswick but tht too would be slightly tough

    Florida state universitu(FSU) - should be gettable.

    Safer options are - Utah state, nnit, texas tech, indiana univ - purdue university indiana, clemson, u missouri.....slightly moderate but gettable ones would be - iit chicago, syracuse, u pitts, kansas state.
    check out for info on univ shortlisting process

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    Hi akshay,

    Thanks a lot for u r reply.

    I will be breaking service bond at my company which means i wont get any experience letter .

    I had another doubt--
    The 57% agg is for last 4 sems(this is the agg which appears in degree certificate)

    My overall percentage(8 sems) is 61.

    So while applying to universities should i give the agg as 57 or 61??

    And topper would be having higher agg (no clear idea) .

    I am from VTU(Karnataka).

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    Yeah they'll ask last 4 semesters u can give that.

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