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Thread: Profile Evaluation| Fall 2013| MS Electrical Engineering

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    Profile Evaluation| Fall 2013| MS Electrical Engineering

    Hi all,

    My scores,

    Quants - 163
    Verbal- 145
    AWA- 2.5

    Acads - 63.5% (No backlogs, Mumbai University)

    Projects: Final Year Project(Quadrotor, UAV flight) got selected as India's top15 Humanitarian
    oriented project, (All India Young Engineers Humanitarian Challenge)
    by IEEE. IEEE also offered funding for future development.

    Paper : 1 paper in Indicon 2012 (on evaluation, acceptance not yet assured)

    Shortlisted Univs:

    University of Pennsylvania (My project was inspired from one of the profs working there, can that add some hopes?)
    Georgia Tech
    UT Austin
    North Carolina state University ( Do they offer thesis program? I heard they only have a non thesis program..)
    Drexel Univ
    Univ of Maryland, college park

    And also please give some good university in Intelligent systems.
    Do you think a Re - GRE would be a good idea? Because I feel the
    AWA and verbal scores are a bit low.

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    Yes, a repeat gre would greatly improve ur chances....also wats the topper's score? If its around 76 or 80, then up academics will hurt your chances.

    Assuming tat ur in the top 2 percentile of your univ -

    U Penn - well it-d be moderate (u need to email the prof and talk to him about his inspiration. Tat would help)

    Gatech - if ur gre improves u can try, else very tough.

    Ut Austin - same as above but. Very very tough.

    Ncsu - I think thesis is available.

    Drexel - should be gettable.

    Maryland - same as gatech and Austin....

    All depends on your academics. Even then, u'll need a higher gre to get into the above.

    Wat other colleges do u have in mind?

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    Yes the topper is around 75-80%
    I don't rank under top two percentile undergrad scorers, Your comments about the univs listed were for the top 2 percentile scorers or others?
    I have heard courses related to engineering doesn't bank towards verbal, they mainly focus on Quant score And 163 in Quant is high right?
    Please put an opinion over it.

    And please give some list of university good in Intelligent sys or EE

    other colleges:
    NC (Rayleigh)
    please suggest more.

    And if you say those universities like Upenn are ambitious for my profile, Is there a way to get into? apart from improving the undergrad score, I can do nothing about the UG score now.
    will subject GRE improve the chances? please tell any other options like this.

    And also does ranking matter that much.. Is it a bargain in performance and quality? (I have plans for PhD)

    Thanks for your reply.

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    yes mine were towards tht...

    But u see, Quant isnt everything Ur ieee efforts will float up, but acads may hurt.

    as for ur other chances

    USC - moderate chances (but its expensive)
    Drexel - should be gettable
    Clemson - ditto
    NCSU - tough!
    NC (Rayleigh) - gettable....

    wat u can do is maybe get some core work experience...try a few projects. talk to profs in tht uni. they alone decide ur admits....

    And yes, ranking doesnt matter performance is in ur hands thts why ppl go to so many unis....if it were like india, then we'd all look at just few.
    check out for info on univ shortlisting process

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    As I said I have plans for PhD, DO you think it is wise to do Phd directly without a MS?

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    A PhD is a PhD :-) if u can get it, go ahead.

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