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Thread: 1st time visa denied what to do for 2nd time?

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    1st time visa denied what to do for 2nd time?


    My visa got denied last week for reason backlogs with 20. I have question regarding the process for 2nd time applying.
    1.I took HDFC receipt on thursday where can I check status of receipt if it got activated?

    2. I am applying with gre 300, toefl 85, UG 60% but 20(actual 10 but number of attempts are more) a good financial background. Not understanding what strong reason I can give them for the 2nd time?

    3. Should I pay sevis fee again?
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    code on hdfc receipt will be activated after 2 days.
    no need to pay sevis again.
    say that u wer terribly ill, so u couldnt do well in two sems and also add tat u cleared them in nxt sem.
    U can show ur xtra curricular activities n other plus pts if u want the VO to atleast ve a 2nd look on u.

    Can u post ur full visa exp ?

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