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Thread: Profile Evaluation for Fall 2013

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    Post Profile Evaluation for Fall 2013

    Hi everyone,

    My profile is as follows:
    GRE score : 320
    Verbal 158 , Quant 162 , AWA not known
    CGPA 9.61/10
    Research : 1 Relevant paper in an International Conference
    Internship : 1 Relevant 2 month internship at an MNC
    Decent extra curriculars and positions of responsibility

    Interests: Image Processing and Signal Processing.

    What colleges can I look at, realistically? I'm considering JHU, TAMU, Urbana Champaign, UCLA, UPenn, UMichigan, CMU.
    What are my chances and can you recommend some others?

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    Well ur profile is very good so u stand a good chance at most unis...ur chacnes would be :-

    JHU - actually decent chances, but JHU tends to be quite picky so it may be tough
    TAMU - it may be ambitious but u should still try. Maybe a great sop and strong LORs will pull u through.
    UIUC - ditto
    UCLA - ditto
    U Penn - moderate chances. U would get through mostly though
    U Michigan - a littlea ambitious again. Its very competitive for electrical engg
    CMU - moderate/ambitious

    If u want more gettable options, u can try Ohio state, Michigan state, Northwestern, Boston, Case western, U minn TC, USC, UCSD, UCSB.

    U wisconsin is excellent for signal processing. Maybe if u can beef up ur profile more, u may stand a chance.
    check out for info on univ shortlisting process

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