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Thread: Employment after MS ??

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    Employment after MS ??

    I wanted to ask you about the placement scenarion of A,A-,B+ universities ??? Can u giv us basic info about the avg packages or percentage of students got jobs...i know its difficult bcos like websites of indian univs,US univ doesnt publish their placement statistics...hope u give sum stastics about those graded univs dat i mentioned....i dont want a clean info..i m juz saying wats d placemnt scenario of those categorized univs...This will be helpful to others too....and ill be ofcourse motivating for those who are confused about Mtech Vs MS in US

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    Getting a job isnt tough. Its holding onto has to network well...also, if in the rare case u get a company to sponsor ur green card H1B visa, it still takes about 7 to 12 years nowadays...

    But ur minimum starting salary will be 40k dollars a city like new work or LA it'll be 55 to 60k....atleast this is wat many ppl I spoke to, got as their colleges will land u jobs at 70k per annum....if u are good at ur job, 8 years down the line u can touch even if u get the bare minimum of 50k, it still translates to more than 25 lakhs per annum.

    But one has to slog it well in college.

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