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Thread: Fall 2012 profille evaluation

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    Fall 2013 profille evaluation

    Hi guys, here is my profile.

    GRE: Verbal(500), Quantitative(700), AWA(4)
    IELTS: I am sitting for it in Sept, and am expecting a relatively high score.
    Undergraduate CGPA(Electrical Engineering): 4.16/5
    Masters CGPA(Telecommunication): currently at 28/30 (but may end up at around 29/30)
    Work experience: 3yrs
    Publications: I am submitting a paper to a conference at the end of this month.
    Research interests: Communication Systems, Image and Signal processing

    I need to know my chances for admission and getting funding for a phD in EE. Below is a list of universities I have lined up, and feel free to suggest any you may feel is better suited for my profile.
    New York University
    Northeastern University
    University of Southern California
    University of Utah
    University of Illinois, Chicago
    Oregon State university
    Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
    Louisiana State University
    University of Missouri-Rolla
    University of Pittsburgh
    University of Oklahoma, Norman (OK)
    University of South Alabama, Mobile (AL)
    West Virginia University
    Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte
    Univ Of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,OH
    Univ of missouri, kansas city
    University of Houston
    Univ of Missouri, Columbia
    Univ of Texas, Elpaso
    University of Missisippi
    Texas State University
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    Sorry guys. I meant 2013. I am unable to edit the Thread title.

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    though ur gre quant may be a little bit on the lesser side, ur profile is very good and so gre wouldn pull it down...admits are a sure shot for u...for PhD, ur cgpa sounds for funding, well most PhDs are funded in the USA. So u stand good chances with tht.

    as for ur chances -

    New York University - should be safe

    Northeastern University - very safe

    University of Southern California. - Gettable (but its a lil expensive)

    University of Utah - within reach (and I've read tht the state of Utah is doing good)

    University of Illinois, Chicago. - Safe (plus they offer aid in EE dept to only PhD students)

    Oregon State university - moderate chances (mainly cuz its a little picky at times)

    Oklahoma State University, Stillwater - safe

    Louisiana State University - safe

    University of Missouri-Rolla. - Safe

    University of Pittsburgh. - Its ranked quite high, but u stand good chances

    University of Oklahoma, Norman (OK) - am not entirely sure

    University of South Alabama, Mobile (AL) - ditto

    West Virginia University - ditto

    Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte - moderate (applicants are very high in this state)

    Univ Of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,OH - moderate

    Univ of missouri, kansas city - safe

    University of Houston. - Mod (lotta applicants)

    Univ of Missouri, Columbia - think its called Missouri univ of science and technology now.... - within reach

    Univ of Texas, Elpaso - not sure
    University of Missisippi. - Moderate

    Texas State University. - Not sure

    Actually I can see tat u've applied to a good mix of univs tat u stand good chance at....but pls do remember tat PhD admits are based entirely on how many profs are available for pls do email profs in the colleges well in advance.

    Also u may try unis like ufl, Rutgers, Iowa state, northwestern etc....check out their research areas

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    Thanks akshay. This was very helpful.

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