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Thread: Fall 2013, A+ unis

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    Fall 2013, A+ unis

    Hello all,

    I am in my third year ECE dept now. I have a gpa of 9.8 so far. 4 publications in IEEE, have almost perfected a project and may file for a patent too....thinking of booking GRE slot for august.

    Assuming tht i manage 165+ in q and v, do i stand a chance at Cal tech, UCLA, U wisc, U maryland and stanford? I dont have a particular field in mind as such...i love pretty much all my fields in coll so far.

    Maximus199, Akshay, any thoughts pls?

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    hey, Well ur profile is very good indeed!.

    Cal tech would require almost perfect scores in gre (quants mainly, with more than 95 percentile verbal)....see if ur patent is filed, it adds a lotta value...try to gvet some industry exposure in internships...and email some profs now. U would stand a good chance in all the top unis.

    All the best!
    check out for info on univ shortlisting process

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