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Thread: profile evaluation for MS in US (image/signal processing)

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    profile evaluation for MS in US (image/signal processing)

    I am about to enter my final year of graduation and will graduate around May 2013 from DA-IICT.
    My CPI is 7.16/10 uptil Semester 6.
    NEW GRE SCORE :Verbal - 152
    Quant - 167
    AWA - 4

    Department Applying to - Electrical Engineering (would like to specialise in image processing)

    1.Georgia Institute of Technology
    2.University of Southern California
    3.University of California-Los Angeles
    4.University of California-San Diego
    5.University of California-Santa Barbara
    6.University of Maryland - College Park
    7.Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus
    8.University of Washington - Seattle Campus
    9.Ohio State University - Main Campus
    10.Lehigh University
    11.University of Rochester
    12.Iowa State University
    13.University of Arizona
    14.University of Pittsburgh - Swanson
    15.Drexel University
    16.Purdue University - Main Campus

    Please provide your suggestions considering my profile.
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    Do you have any important level papers in journals? Projects? Internships? Otherwise most unis u listed are way too ambitious for u....the ones which can be attempted are -

    Usc - moderate
    Ucsb - moderate to ambitious
    Leigh - safe
    Iowa state - mod
    Un arizona - little tough
    U Pitts - though its highly ranked, u may stand a chance....

    To be considered to the other unis u'll need either 8.7+ GPA or 8+GPA along with papers etc....also ur quants is low for those unis...

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