I came at 8:30am and got in....everything was over by 9:15...

I dont remember the counter....VO was a pretty young lady...chewing gum all the time...

Me: Good mrng, maam
VO: Good mrng

VO: Where r u going?
Me: Auburn

VO: Where?
Me: Auburn University, Alabama.

VO: What was ur academic percentage?
Me: 64%

VO: When did u complete ur bachelor's degree?(I t wasnt clear)
Me: Maam, I didn get u...

VO: Didnt u hear the key phrase 'bachelor's degree'?
Me: Ok...Bachelors degree?

VO: When did u complete it?

VO: What did u do after that?
Me: I prepared for exams....a bit of domestic help at my house...

VO: SO, u didn go for any job for one year?
Me: No, maam...

VO: Did u take gre and toefl?
ME: Yes, maam

VO: Pass me ur score sheets...
(She went thru it quickly and gave it back)

VO: Why did u choose Auburn?
Me: EE dept at auburn offered the curriculum that matches my profile( Interupted)

VO: Which r the other universities to which u applied?
Me: NCSU, Clemson, FSU, UTD (told the full names)

VO: What r ur parents?
Me: My father is pensioner and my mother is a teacher...

VO: U will get ur visa in few days...
Me: Thank u, maam...

She didn ask me any financial documents.....just the score sheets....and by God's grace there wasnt any serious questions that led me to trouble...