First of all thanks to msinus.com and especially to the Mr.Ajaycherukuri.

Today i attended to the visa interview at hyderabad consulate.
my appointment time is 10:45.i reached there before 15 minutes.

visa interview as:

VO: hu hi gud morng.how do u do

me: im fine thnk u and what about u?

vo: give u r passport and documents

me: passed

vo: why kent only?

me: replied

vo: name the universities u applied to?
me :told with full names

vo: did u take gre?

me: yes

vo: what is u r gre score?

me: told

vo: what is u r %?

me: told

vo:can i have u r gre score report?

me: gave(actually i did not received my original score report.i gave printout) and explained him.

vo:what is u r father

me:business man

vo: what kind of business?

vo:what is u r project?

me: told

vo: what u learned from u r project?

me :told

vo: what is the use of doing u r project?


vokay.u will receive u r passport and documents with in a week.

me:thank u so much

All the best to all