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Thread: Visa rejected on june 1 at hyderabad consulate for wright state university.

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    Visa rejected on june 1 at hyderabad consulate for wright state university.

    hi guys this is manoj i got rejected on june 1 at hyderabad consulate....

    my counter number was 13, a young officer rejected two people before me and next was my chance.

    Me: Good morning sir
    VO : hi, please pass the documents(i passed them)
    VO: whats your b-tech percentage?
    Me: I have 71%.
    VO: Do u hav any backlogs?
    me: i have 1 in my 1st yr,cleared in next attempt with 87%.
    vo: wats ur gre
    me: 292(155Q 137 V 3.0Awa)
    vo: do u thing this is good gre?
    me: no sir, i dnt think its good gre,its because of low verbal score which i have (said the reason like there was a deadline for project report submission so i was busy with the literature work, the deadline was very close to my gre.)
    vo: but you can take gre in any month like jan, feb, mar,....
    me: yes sir but i have blocked my date before the deadline was fixed.
    vo: you might have canceled your date.
    me: i was doing well through my practice test so i thought it would be the same.
    vo: why this university?
    me: this univ provides good course work in my field of interest(wireless)
    vo: there are many universites that provide wireless y only this?
    me: its a research oriented university and was saying some thing about the professors....
    vo: everybody says the same.... "BE HONEST" ( he used this word)
    me: this is the best univ that suits my profile.
    vo: you are not convincing me.... and gave 214 b

    guys plz help me what changes should i have to do.

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    i am not the best person to advise on this cos my visa was rejected as well however i will jot down a few points ,

    the reason for asking the question 'y this university' is for the vo to understand how much effort you have put in to choose a university , we cannot tell the officer that the course work is good cos that's the most common answer everyone gives . u should provide a much detailed in-depth answer so that he understands that you have done you research before selecting this university .

    here are my views

    - research being carried out is in your field of interest
    - research is being funded by prestigious companies
    - student to faculty ratio
    - university alumni
    - some points about the professors
    - about the flexibility of the course curriculum
    - certifications or awards the department has received

    you can get all the information from your university website , best thing to do is keep browsing ur university website until u get to know everything about ur university .


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