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Thread: What are the chances of getting visa?

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    What are the chances of getting visa?

    Hi, I want to pursue MS in USA and here are the details
    ssc-79%(without backlogs)
    +2- 84% (without backlogs)
    grad - 59%(with backlogs)
    PG - 81%(without backlogs)
    I have been to US with F1 dependent visa (since my husband is doing his Ph D from George Mason University) after marriage and later got to know that my husband is already married. I came back to India and now i want to apply for F1 and build my career there.

    Will my F1 dependent status any way effect my F1 visa application?
    I dont have the i20 forms of my me and my husband which are necessary to convert my visa status.
    Is it possible to convert my F1 dependent visa to F1 visa without those i20 papers?

    Additionally my younger bro finished his MS from California State University and currently working in Kansas state.
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    Brother/Sister/Other Relative's Visa Status in USA will not affect your visa chances.
    To convent F1 Dependant to F1 visa status, you need to have an i20 from school for you.
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