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Thread: Plz rate the universities for Spring 2013.URGENT!!

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    Plz rate the universities for Spring 2013.URGENT!!

    I am planning for Spring 2013 and would like to choose Neworking or Signal Processing....
    GRE: 1480
    accads:78% ECE eqv to 3.6 GPA
    almost 2 yrs exp in IT.

    I need funding too... Can anyone help me in filtering the univ from the list below:
    Indiana Purdue, West Lafayette
    Univ of illinois, Urbana Champaign
    Univ of Michigan
    CalTech, pasadena
    Carnegie Mellon
    Georgia Tech
    Arizona State Univ, Tempe
    Univ of Pennsylvania
    Univ of texas A&M
    does Canegie Mellon provide scholarships???

    please rate the universities as safe, mod or amb wrt my profile.

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    Canegie Mellon provide scholarships - Yes. Mostly they will fund the student with I20
    For profile evaluation please add your Scores, Academics to your admission profile. If you have already applied please add the univ list. To Edit your profile visit

    University groups. If the univ group you are applying is not listed, please create a group by your own.

    Profile Evaluation for MS, PhD in USA | US University Rankings by Major for MS,PhD

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    Indiana Purdue, West Lafayette - moderate to ambitious
    Univ of illinois, Urbana Champaign - ambitous (but not outta reach)
    Univ of Michigan - moderate (decent chances)
    CalTech, pasadena - ambitious (very very selective admits)
    Carnegie Mellon - gettable (looking at current admits)
    Georgia Tech - gettable
    Arizona State Univ, Tempe - safe
    Univ of Pennsylvania - gettable
    Univ of texas A&M - ambitious

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