Hi Everyone

First I would like to thank MS in US for shaing all the VI Experience which helped me in preparing for my VI.

I had heard a lot about Fall 2012 VISA interviews at Mumbai Consulate about how they are are getting rejected. I had a Teaching Assitantship which is covering my entire cost of education so i had no worries on Finance part. But I had chosen Clemson over other better Universities like UMTC, ASU and was worried that I may be grilled about that. But I would like to tell everyone here that my decision was not only based on the assistantship, I checked and realised that Clemson has a very good Wireless communication and Signal processing Department which is at par with top universities. Also it has been 4 years since i passed so was also expecting some question on this.

However some of my concerns felt like coming true in the interview hall the actual interview was probably the easiest one ever. Here it goes.

I left from Pune the night before so that I could arrive fresh for the interview in the morning. I was initially thinking of directly arriving at the interview but I realised how good a decision I made. It is extremely important to be clear in your thought and minds to appear confident in front of VO. So I reached the consulate in BKC around 6:50 and there was already a line of around 150 people for 7:45 appointment. However I thought I went at the correct time because you don't want to go too early as it might well lead to a longer interview as I saw. Also later you go more waiting time which means more anxious minutes you will spend waiting. So exactly around 7:30 they started the Security check. Once the procedure starts everything goes on fast till you give the finger prints and take a seat in the waiting hall. Before finger printing you will be given the token number which will be displayed on the screens against the counter numbers. Slowly more and more counters open so the numbers keep coming pretty fast.

When I sat down token number 260 was on and my number was 403 but as counter opened my number came within 30 - 35 minutes. As heard there were plenty of rejections going on, I would safely say almost 50% of them. As to my worries earlier, just in the counter in front of me a F1 visa applicant was asked about his employment and was also asked to show proof. Another VO was constantly asking about Universities and the reason for attending it. When my numebr came I was relieved that none of these VO were assigned to me. As i went and stood in the queue assigned to me I saw three people before me getting rejected. But I tried not to think about it and had the confidence of going to good University with a Assistantship. So possibly the easiest interview began:

ME: Good Morning Ma'am
VO: Good Morning. So Which University are you going to?
ME: I am going to Clemson University, South Carolina.
VO: (not able to hear me) You need to speak closer to the mic as I will not be able to hear you if you speak so slowly so far away from mic.
Then she again asked me as to which University.
ME: I am going to Clemson University, South Carolina.
VO: Which degree?
ME: I will be pursuing Master's in ELectrical and Elctronics Engineering.
VO: (Typing Something) What was your GRE score.
ME: I appeared GRE twice in my first attempt I ...
VO: (stopping me in between) You must always tell only your Best Score
ME: Ok ma'am my score was 322 in the revised GRE.
VO: (typing again as i waited for 5-6 seconds for her to ask me some question) So the 34K (from my I-20) is it some kind of Graduate assitantship?
ME: Yes ma'am Clemson University is offering me a Graduate Teaching Assistantship which will cover the entire cost of my education and also on top of it I have funds from my ....
VO: (stops me again and showing me her hand to stop) Don't worry South Carolina is not expensive at all. I am approving your VISA. You will get it in 2-3 days.

I was very happy that everything went so smoothly and I decided to collect my Passport the same evening from VFS centre, which I did.

My advice to everyone, if you are a genuine and good candidate they will know it and never reject you.