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Thread: Suggestions needed :)

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    Suggestions needed :)

    Hello Everybody,
    I am Akshaya.. I wanna persue my M.S in Data mining and Data ware housing or Even M.S in Computer Science ll do..
    Pl help me evaluate my profile..
    My details:
    GRE 1140 (verbal 520 and quants - 620)| B.E CGPA - 7.6/10 till 7th sem ( No back logs )|12th 76.50 % | 10th 79.4% | 2 paper presentations | Placed and waiting to work for Infosys from November (Planning to work till apr 2014.. so that I can have 1.4-1.5 years of experience in IT industry)

    I am planning to apply for these universities for the fall 2014.. btw when should I start applying for the universities? What are my chances of getting into these univ?? If my choices are bad pl suggest me few good univ where I can get a sure shot admit.. (Funding around 20 lakhs)

    Michigan State University
    University of California San Diego
    Texas A&M
    University of Minnesota
    University of southern california
    Oklahama state university
    University of texas, dallas
    Auburn University
    University of South Carolina
    Cincinnati christian university
    Ohio state university
    Univ of Texas, arlington
    Virginia Tech--Blackburg, Virginia

    Also tell me the avg toefl score that I should secure for getting G.A
    Thanks in advance

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    Jun 2012
    Hello any body there? Pl help me out

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    Michigan State University - Reject
    University of California San Diego - Reject
    Texas A&M - Reject
    University of Minnesota - Moderate
    IIT-chicago - Reject
    University of southern california - Reject
    Oklahama state university - Moderate
    University of texas, dallas - Moderate
    Auburn University - Reject
    University of South Carolina - Moderate
    Cincinnati christian university - Safe
    Ohio state university - Reject
    Univ of Texas, arlington - Moderate
    Virginia Tech--Blackburg, Virginia - Reject

    The main reason behind your rejection will be your low score in quants. Because of the tough competition they are looking for quants score which is a minimum of 750+. My advice would be to reconsider taking GRE if you don't want to do so then go ahead with average universities as you can get admit in it. All the Best!

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    hey Sherzil
    My Score GRE Quant-151 and Verbal-146, AW-3.5
    i want to apply for MS in CS(fall 2013) what universities do suggest?
    Please help

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    Aug 2012
    Hi Sherzil, please evaluate my profile and help me choose the right University for the MS program in CS
    GRE score:310 (v:152,Q:158,AWA:3.5)
    BE:80.35% (VTU)
    2 projects in networking in final year BE.
    Toefl: to be taken soon

    My list of Universities
    1.VTech (MS in comp Engg)
    2.Mich state U
    3.U of Florida
    6.NC state u
    8.U of Ill,Chicago
    9.G Tech
    10.Stony Brook

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