My name is Heena. I am a Chemical Engineer with 4 years of work experience.

Following is my profile:

XII: 70%
BE: 58% (due to sm unavoidable circumstances)
GRE: 314
Work Exp: 4 years with Honeywell Automation India Ltd.

I had applied to the foll 4 Universities

1. IIT Chicago: MS in Chemical Engineering - Reject
2. Louisiana State University : MS in Chemical Engg - Awaiting Response
3. Mississippi State University: MS in Chemical Engg - Awaiting Response
4. Syracuse: MS in Information Management - Admit

But now I am in a dilemma.The IM course at Syracuse is very reputed but very expensive too. Will my being a chemical engg dampen my job prospects after the course completion. Also I am waiting for responses from the other two universities. What are my chances of getting through?