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Thread: MS in CS, Spring 2013, B.Tech in a non CS background

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    MS in CS, Spring 2013, B.Tech in a non CS background

    My profile:
    GRE - 1300 (Quant-800, Verbal-500, Analytical Writing-3.5)
    Toefl - 113
    B.Tech - Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras - CGPA 7.42 out of 10.
    12th - 94.8%
    10th - 90.6%
    No work experience

    Interested in MS in CS, but have no computer science background. Only related background i have is C programming learnt during 1st year of B.Tech. Willing to take all the prerequisites once admission is granted for MS in CS.

    Friends can you please tell me some good universities in USA that i can apply for Spring 2013, which will provide me an opportunity to do MS in CS, despite of my lack of undergraduate background in CS.
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    Well harsha your profile is definitely good but coming from a non CS background and without any experience opting for computer science, you might face issues here as good universities require CS background or else relevant experience to it. My advice would be to opt for MS in your stream itself then in that case you would have a huge advantage and might get in universities like Columbia, Cornell etc... But still if you want in CS then you have to work alot dude. Try learning some languages related to CS, get an internship, Some certifications, WORK HARD ON YOUR SOP OR ELSE ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET AN ADMIT AS A CS STUDENT!!

    All the Best!

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