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Thread: Is providing original score reports in VI mandatory

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    Is providing original score reports in VI mandatory

    Hi i need a little bit of advice...

    I have misplaced my hard copy of gre and toefl score reports.So now in the visa interview can i take a print out of online scores and show them or else show them the duplicate score reports which i have ordered again from ets. In both the cases will they be considered valid..

    Thanks in advance

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    It is advisable to carry original score cards with you. The one which you got now from ETS are also original. Its not written on those documents that its a duplicate.
    Until and unless you tell any body no body will find out whether are those original or not. In case if you haven't received your score cards from ETS then you can go ahead and print the online one, however its advisable to inform the consulate through email before you go for the interview.


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    Same problem

    Hi I have the same problem though I have ordered a TOEFL report on ETS but it hasnt reached me still and I dont have an idea to order GRE score report online as there is no option available to send it to oneself directly. All the more I feel that by the time my visa interview is here I am not gonna have both the original ones in time. So is it a problem if I take a print out. ITs really getting me tensed please help or atleast help how to order additional GRE score report!

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    6 having same problem, I did not receive my gre score card till now though I gav my exam in august. I called them and asked them to send a copy to me, they are sending it but it will take 4 weeks since they don't send through express delivery. Check your mailing address in ur gre account before calling them and they will ask ur gre confirmation number when you call them.

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