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Thread: Do I have a Good Score for MS in Computer Science ?

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    Lightbulb Do I have a Good Score for MS in Computer Science ?

    I have the following scores, need an advice on my further actions
    GRE : 297 ; Q: 156 A: 141 Analytical Writing: 3.0
    BE : Computer Science; 77% (8.3 CGPA appox) ; College- Under VTU
    TOFEL: <Not Taken Yet>
    Work Experience: 1year (as of now)
    Other : Presented a paper at an International Conference in the field on Networks
    Oralce Business Intelligence 10 Certified

    Concern : Placement; Fee Waiver; Interested in the field of Networks and Databases; Intership;

    Questions :
    1) Should I take up GRE again ?
    2) What are the University options I have ?
    3) In case I want to join for the Fall 2013, when is it a good time start to applying for universities ? Should I wait till december and hope that I add a few certifications or achievements to my resume ? Will that help in anyway ? What can I do to improve my chances of getting good university and fee waiver , anything in this small time period ?
    4) Why not Spring 2013 ?

    Any advice is of great help to me,
    Thanking you in advance
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    I think you don't need to take GRE anymore because you have got a decent GRE + your academics, experience and certification will take care of the loss so don't worry. You have got plenty of university options where in you can easily get admit. You can also try some high profile ranking universities for admission but admit depends on how many applicants they get as you might have heard that University of Southern California received so many admits that they gave admits for Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 as well. Start applying for fall from any Nov/Dec/Jan itself so that chances of getting financial aid remain high! Spring intake is not opted by the people because less universities provide spring admit and the Visa is also a problem.

    Universities that i recommend

    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Florida State University
    Ohio State University
    Oklahoma State University - Still water
    University of Houston Clear Lake

    All the Best!

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