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Thread: profile evaluation for fall 2013

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    profile evaluation for fall 2013

    got 321 in gre 165 in quant and 156 in verbal

    toefl 105

    completed my 3rd year from BITS,pilani

    branch :electronics and instrumentation

    CGPA: 7.4/10


    10TH: 93%

    3 projects and currently doing intern at ST ERICSSON,bangalore

    no paper published

    Played roles of coordinator and volunteer in many events at college level.

    Please advice the universities which i should apply for Fall 2013.

    very much interested in solid state electronics/ vlsi

    1-University of texas at austin

    2-Arizona State University

    3-University of California - San Diego

    4- Pennsylvania State University.

    5- North Carolina State University

    6-Texas A & M University

    7-cornell university

    8-University of Michigan--Ana arbour

    9-Virginia TEch

    10-University of Illinois Urbana

    11-University of Florida

    12-Iowa Stare University

    13-university of california ,LA

    also list my chances in check out
    1.uni wisc madison



    4.oregaon state uni

    5.umass amherst
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    ur profile is pretty good. Its just ur UG tht may hang lead at ur feet. its not low! But something close to 7.9 or 8 (from BITS) would've catapulted u into some big unis...

    Anyway, on the above list :-

    1-University of texas at austin - very ambitious

    2-Arizona State University - safe/moderate

    3-University of California - San Diego - mod

    4- Pennsylvania State University. - ambitous

    5- North Carolina State University - ambitious

    6-Texas A & M University - they prefer IIT,NIT,BITS ppl...but only with stellar profiles

    7-cornell university - mod/ambitous (i say mod cuz i have seen a few cases like urs getting admits. But generally is ambitious)

    8-University of Michigan--Ann arbor - ambitous (ur UG mark will affect here. plus lack of papers/publishing)

    9-Virginia TEch - moderate i guess

    10-University of Illinois Urbana - Very ambitious

    11-University of Florida - safe/moderate

    12-Iowa Stare University - safe

    13-university of california ,LA - very ambitious

    ur next list :-

    1.uni wisc madison

    2.gatech - moderate (but again 7.4 may be a cat on the wall case)

    3.cmu - ambitious

    4.oregaon state uni and umass amherst - i would put it at moderate. but they tend to be selective. BUT, they are THE BEST for analog and digital VLSI....i strongly recommend u apply there.

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    thnks akshay

    could u plz suggest some of the universities which i might consider as safe

    also if i would have papers by the time i apply what are my chances of getting A+ universities

    plz reply

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