For fall 2012, I have admits from: -

Stevens Institute of Tech. NJ (MS in CS)
Illinois State University (MS in IS)
University of North Carolina at Charlotte (MS in CS)
University of Georgia (MS in CS)
Rochester Institute of Technology (MS in IT)

I have to finalize among Stevens and Illinois state U.

Fee matter to me. Worst case would be taking a 30 lac loan studying at Stevens (TA/ RA very hard to get here), and repaying in 2yrs working in US.
In case of ISU (TA/ RA easy to get) Fee is half then Stevens, no big loan has to be taken.

My question, Stevens is better then ISU. but both are B grade Universities. But MS in CS frm stevens is renowned program. Also Stevens is situated in NJ which is very near frm NY. ISU is in Normal, Bloomington, IL. So place wise stevens is better.

So which University???

Please help me and reply soon...