Hi brother! I've recently finished bachelor's degree in chemical engineering , and have visa on June fourth. I have been following your website since last year. I received a fellowship for phd program at university of Arkansas, which covers all tuition and living expenses for four years. I'm financially sound! And my fathers profession is kind of related to my core area of research interest. I'll take full advantage of this at visa. But your recent post on TAL 221g has shattered my confidence to some extent, since chemical eng. Falls under TAL. P,ease give me important suggestions. If you don't mind, could u give me ur phone number. I have many doubts. Whether it is USA no. Or India no. Noroblem. Thank you!! BTW, loved your fb cover photo. JAI NTR!! Even I'm a member pf ntr 2ntr fans .com and nandamurifans .com
And my no. Is 8106004253