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Thread: Article: F1 Visa Rejected thrice - Now, Accepted for Fall 2012-Low Ranked School

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    Article: ***F1 Visa Rejected thrice - Now, Accepted for Fall 2012-Low Ranked School**

    For profile evaluation please add your Scores, Academics to your admission profile. If you have already applied please add the univ list. To Edit your profile visit

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    can please tell me, those XXX's are how much, because this will help me.

    thanks in advance.

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    Dude!!! U really gave me a start

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    First Congrats!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this experience of yours. My situation is same when it comes to academics. Several backlogs and I'm going to take my GRE soon in Nov, 2012.

    What I concluded from these interviews is you really had confidence in speaking. The more you speak and try to convince them, the more chances of getting VISA approved. Speaking well matter hell lot is what I concluded from this.

    Moreover I think your work experience helped you finally. Above all you worked at Amazon India & it helped you much.

    I was in search of such conversations and it'll help in my nearby future.

    Thank you again.

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    Hi, I got admission from the University of New Haven and my visa was rejected twice, first time on 23rd July, second one on 1st of August.
    My profile : 15 years of education (B.Sc), GRE - 285 (UNH didnt ask for GRE),
    TOEFL - 86.
    5 years of IT exp - 2.4 in TCS and 2.5 in IBM
    Have B1 till 2020 and I have travelled once to US thro IBM for KT

    My interview went like this
    All appealing and soft introduction was over then,
    VO: Year of graduation
    Me :2007
    VO: Any backlogs
    Me: No backlogs Mam
    VO: what are youd oing now?
    Me: Working for IBM
    VO: Annual income
    Me:6.5 lakhs per annum
    VO: I'm sorry I cannot issue you a visa now if you wish to apply in the future you can do so and thats upto you
    ME: (walked away saying thank you with a smile)

    Now, I really do not understand what went wrong. Applying for the 3rd time is a good idea?? Also I will have to report at the University by 29th of Aug. I'm not a potential immigrant infact my parents and in laws haven't given me more time to apply for the next intake whatever the case is after I complete my masters I should come back.. But I don have a chance to prove these things to the VO. Please help me and guide me what should I do...

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    Hi Uday,

    can u please clarify few things
    1) Have u attended visa interview for 4 times in the same consulate or different consulate?
    2) were you finally accepted for the same Sacred Heart university or did you change your university?

    Thanks in advance.

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