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Thread: Profile evalution for fall 2013

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    Cool Profile evalution for fall 2013

    My GRE score split up is
    IELTS: 7.0
    My Academics
    10th -CBSE 80%
    12th -CBSE 75%
    BE.Electronics and Communication- aggregate- 68%
    grade- First Class Distinction
    university-Gujarat University
    Final semeter project done in ISRO
    work ex- 1.3 years
    currently working as ASIC Design Engineer in Indian Space Research Organization for the devlopment of space grade payload IC's.
    My question is can I get admission in VLSI course in top 10 universities rated in this site???
    please help??If not then i shud give GRE again?? I only want to study in the top state university.
    please help...if the score is sufficient then i will leave my job in august answer guyz...!!

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    GRE scores are decent. Overall profile looks good. u've an advantage of working at ISRO (which has its reputation all over the world). Most of the universities in top 10 are not reachable for ur profile, u need to ve lot of research exp & some papers pub. But i would sugggest u not to just go with the rankings, i've been posting the same reply in most of the threads. Try to read other threads and come out specific queries. Some uni, though they aren't placed on the top they ve some excellent research in some fields.
    When it comes to VLSI,
    UMASS amherst----> (tops in its research in digital vlsi)
    Oregon state--->excellent research in analog vlsi
    UMINN TC--->( v v strong research in analog)
    Among top 10:
    1 Stanford University---->(v v ambi, though awesome research on vlsi)
    2 Massachusetts Inst Of Technology ( for MS admit, u need to be like 1 among top engineers in the world)
    3 University Of Michigan Ann Arbor---(v ambi, good in digital)
    3 Univ Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign---(v v hard to get MS(thesis), leader in microelectronics)
    4 University Of California-Berkeley ----(birth place of vlsi-cad, v v v ambi, highly acad centric)
    5 California Institute Technology -----( don't even think about it, v v less intake)
    6 Cornell University -----( nothing heard about any work in vlsi, Mengg (mod/ambi) & MS (v v ambi)
    7 Univ Of California-Los Angeles ----> ( v strong research in both analog & digital, highly acad centric)--->v ambi
    8 Princeton University ------>( no 2nd word, u can't get in)
    9 Carnegie Mellon University----->( costly, post MS scenario v good, good for comp arch than in vlsi)--->ambi
    10 Purdue University----> no much idea about its research in vlsi--->ambi

    Spend some time researching on unis, come out with a good list of unis..

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