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    Cool ph.d in USA


    can anyone send the list of universities which are offering Ph.d in electrical engineering having specialization in either power systems or power electronics.I would be thanful if I get support from this forum

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    Most of uni offer phd in ur specialisation, so look into those uni which has some good research going on in PS.
    Check these:
    -UT austin--> very tough to get in.
    -UIUC---->same as above
    -CORNELL----> for phd, u need to ve a stellar profile.
    -UMCP----> a prof(don remember his name) is one of best in PE & he's doing some work in it.
    - colorado school of mines
    - wichita state uni.
    Post ur full profile, i think we can help u.

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    ssc-76%,inter-79%,b-tech 65.94%,MSc from UK-70%,GRE-1100(retaking again) AWA-3,TOEFL- exemption as i am holding international degree technical papers.Is this enough to decide about universities.please rate my profile and throw light for further requirements.

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