GRE: 323 (Quant: 165, verbal: 158, AWA: 3.5), TOEFL: 106, Bachelor of Engg: 79.6%, 12th: 80%,10th: 85.4%,
I intend to pursue MS in Computer Science.
No research/papers but some freelance research done on a few topics. Good extracurriculars. ~2 yrs workex in SAP in a reputed organisation.
I applied in Spring 2012 but rejected from 2 univs, 3 still awaited. maybe there was delay in application process.
Plz suggest some good universities for my profile for Spring 2013 which could give me opportunities for research (during MS), financial aid and better prospects for post MS jobs.
What should be the ideal time before which I should apply to the univs. to avail scholarships?