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Thread: Profile evaluation for Spring 2013

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    Profile evaluation for Spring 2013

    GRE - 299
    IELTS - 7
    B.E. - 76%
    2 1/2 yrs experience in software industry
    Please suggest universities for electronics and communication.
    And whether it is better to apply for fall 2013 or spring 2013
    Some say that some universities wont be available for spring. please share your thoughts.

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    wats ur gre split up? and ur work exp may not add much value unless u choose stream which is related to the fiedl tht u worked in.

    secondly, Spring intakes are less. Not all courses will be available. Also financial aid is very very very tough to get as mostly aids are decided in Fall.

    Thirdly for Fall ur chances in decent colls will be good as in spring its very finicky.

    finally, No one can suggest unis for others. it'll be best if u look at various unis online, their courses and their facilities. then select a list. in tht ppl can evaluate ur chacnes and tell u.

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    Thanks for reply Akshay.

    My GRE split up is QUANTS - 157 and VERBAL - 142

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