Visa Experience:
Profile: 1110/94/3.0/66%
Date: 02/05/2012 0745 slot
Consulate: Chennai
University: Northern Illinois University
Degree: MS in CS
Status: Accepted
Me: Good Morning Sir (Gave the folder)
VO: Good Morning, Marks sheets please
Me: Here are the sheets and these are my UG semester wise sheets.
VO: How many Backlogs?
Me: One
VO: U cleared that in the next semester??
Me: Yes sir
VO: So, you are heading to NIU?
Me: Yes sir
VO: Tell me the Universities you got admit from..
VO: Why NIU?
Me: Said something like courses offered here are very interesting
VO: Okay, that’s good.. for how long you have been working in Cognizant?
Me: Since July 28th, 2011
VO: O.. that’s a few months…
Me: Yes Sir
VO: Okay your visa is approved
Me: Thank you sir
VO: One small question (while giving back the marks sheets)
Me: Yes sir
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My father
VO: What is your Father?
Me: Business
VO: What type of business?
Me: Said
VO: You can collect your passport in 4 days, have a great trip
Me: Thank you sir, have a good day